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JS : Single Page Parallax Resume

What is in this tutorial?

  • Mobile-first design principles
  • Learn how ‘vh’ viewport height works
  • Learn how to vertically and horizontally center elements on page
  • Writing jQuery script for collapsible navigation menu
  • Applying parallax smooth scrolling jQuery script for single page navigation
  • Applying Lightbox 2 jQuery effects to gallery

Please watch all videos below to complete the tutorial.

Continue reading JS : Single Page Parallax Resume

CSS – Styling Lists

What This Tutorial Covers

The following 4-part series explains how to style lists for navigation. It covers the following topis:

  • switching from block-level (vertical) to inline (horizontal) lists
  • how margins and padding behave with text and inline lists
  • centering text in in-line lists vertically and horizontally
  • making horizontal lists using floats
  • using background images in both inline and floated lists
  • clearing floated items Continue reading CSS – Styling Lists

PHOTOSHOP – Making Image Navigation For the Web

The first demo video shows you how you can make navigational buttons in Photoshop using multiple layers in a single space. The second demo shows you how to create the same output files as in the first demo, but the second video uses “slices”.

BY THE WAY . . .. Even though in the video a talk about making “javascript rollovers,” these techniques are the same for making CSS hover buttons that use absolutely no javascript. So don’t let that throw you off! Continue reading PHOTOSHOP – Making Image Navigation For the Web