MAT-120 P3 :: Storyboards

Project-3 Storyboards

5% of Semester Grade


First, review the following sources to get a better understanding of storyboarding and storyboard types:

After getting a sense of the different types of storyboards you can utilize, create a storyboard that will best tell your story and direction intent for your project. If you are choosing a non-linear format, you will need to start with the interface screen as part of your storyboarding.

You can use any tool you wish to create this storyboard as long as it looks professional and achieves your goals.

Both linear and non-linear projects should have at least 30 story slides. You should save your presentation out as a PDF and upload it to Canvas to turn it in. If the file is too large to upload to Canvas, you can place it on the server and submit a link to the presentation in Canvas.


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