MAT-225 :: PROJECT 3

Original WordPress Theme Creation

30% of Semester Grade

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For your final project you will create a customized WordPress theme for one of the following:

  • professional portfolio
  • mock business
  • real business
  • service-oriented organization
  • educational site

The customization of the theme will be in the form of creating your own custom theme based on assigned tutorials. This project will also focus on the use of plugins and widgets to expand the functionality of the base theme, as well.


  • Learn how the WordPress template hierarchy works
  • Learn about WordPress’ “enqueing” process
  • General improvement on css skills
  • Additional focus on learning css manipulation for the WordPress framework and plugins
  • Learn to manipulate css/html5 for responsive design
  • Learn basics of manipulating common WordPress functions to add functionality to the theme
  • Create harmonious and suitable design for the chosen subject matter
  • Explore additional WordPress plugins further


More information will be forthcoming closer to the assignment date.

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