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CSS – Creating a Mobile-First Design Template

Creating a Mobile-First Design Template for Your PHP Project

This demo will give you guidance in styling a web page with HTML5 markup from a mobile-first design approach. It covers the following concepts, principles, and methods:

  • the php/html starter file’s proper markup
  • how to add Google Fonts to a design
  • using a viewport/device-width meta tag
  • removing native browser styling with a ‘reset’ css file
  • using @viewport and @-ms-viewport in CSS
  • designing for smallest screens in mind first
  • using @media queries to alter layout on larger screens
  • styling a baseline for very commonly used elements

To follow along with these videos using the exact same markup,  download the template ‘project1’ folder in a zipped file. After downloading, unzip and place the unzipped folder into your “htdocs/” folder to work on the files.

Creating a Mobile-First Responsive Site Template
(7-Part Video Demo Playlist BELOW)

Approximately 2.5 hours of demo. Expect the work you do to create your own base design template to take a minimum of 8 hours.

00 – Getting Started (19:37)
01 – Start Styling (27:49)
02 – Styling the Banner (24:46)
03 – Styling the Banner’s NAV (22:25)
04 – Styling the Baseline Content (20:53)
05 – Styling the Baseline Content (Continued 14:26)
06 – Styling the Footer / Using Additional Breakpoints (22:51)


Want to learn more about using Google Web Fonts?

Check this video out.


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