Photoshop – Lesson 04: Layers

Working With Photoshop Layers

Learn how to organize, manipulate, and add effects to layers.

Layer Demo Part 1 (20:12)


Layer Demo Part 1 (18:30)


Additional Resources Below

The videos below this line are supplemental if you want or need other resources to help you better understand layers.

Introduction to Using Layers (5 min)
This shows you all the basics of using layers. This is very important to watch.

Organizing Layers and Creating Layer Groups
This is extremely important to know, as layer organization is a graded aspect of all your assignments.

Explore Layer Styles (4 min)

Aligning/Distributing Layers in Photoshop (7 min)
NOTE: This is not the same as the previous topic regarding layer organization. It is a totally different subject that determines visual presentation of the image (as opposed to the file’s back-end organization).