MAT-110 Orientation (8-week class)

Orientation for “Digital Imaging I : Photoshop”

The following video is required for orientation to Leigh Cotnoir’s MAT-110 online course at MiraCosta College.

Orientation Video

Important Course Orientation Links:

How to Add/Drop Classes:
Class Introductions Blackboard forum (mandatory by day 2 of class)
This link above will take you to our course’s discussions if you are already logged into Blackboard. Otherwise, it will take you to the Blackboard login screen, and you will then have to navigate to our class’ discussion board.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Are textbook lessons graded?

No, textbook lessons are not submitted for grades. These lessons are, however, very important preliminary steps that you should complete before trying to move into the far more advanced assignments that are graded.
As the syllabus states, the only graded work you will turn in are assignments falling under naming categories of Exercises, Projects, and Discussions. Simple “Lessons” are like doing the practice math problems that have the answers in the back of the book. They will help you understand the tools and hone your basic skills to prepare you for more professional types of tasks.

How do I know when things are due?

You can check the “Due Dates at a Glance” page.
Additionally, you will also find due dates listed in the detailed course schedule webpage as they come up each week.

It is your responsibility to keep up with this schedule. If you notice that the current week is unavailable for some reason or seems to missing something you think should be there, please let the instructor know immediately.

Also, should you see any due dates that look like discrepancies, please let the instructor know immediately.

How is attendance measured?

Attendance in an online course is measured by participation in graded activities. If you do not turn in materials in a timely manner, you can be administratively dropped due to a lack of attendance.

How do I turn assignments in?

You will do the following to turn in assignments:

  1. zip/compress the project folder you want to turn in (right-click and choose to compress)
  2. log into Blackboard,
  3. click on on the Turn In Assignments Here link,
  4. click on the correct assignment link
  5. upload your zipped file/folder
  6. enter any comments you want to share with me about the assignment
  7. click submit button.

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