MAT-135 :: PROJECT 1.1

Process Portfolio Spread for Project 1.0

5% of Semester Grade


The Basics
This project is to be a 17 x 11 page spread design that highlights the processes  of 2-3 pieces from your Foundation Design Book. It is designed to help you identify and document parts of your process in creating the Foundation Design Book you did previously in the semester. This type of documentation practice is very useful to have  in your portfolio to show how you developed your ideas from point A to Z with your work. It should become a habit in all of your projects, as it can be important to show employers and potential clients how you think, what your creative skills are, and the required evolution it takes to fully develop an idea.

For this project, you will select 1-3 of the following parts of processes you went through to create the parts of your book:

1) REQUIRED: Choose at least one of your final applied form layouts that included text and image. Using a modular grid (see demo below) you will show your process of creating the applied form layout by exhibiting the original photo, original line drawing, and the final work that they combination produced.

2) REQUIRED: Choose any other portion of your book from the Refinement Phase (Phase 3) or Phase 4 to document the process.

3) OPTIONAL: If you want to show a third process and can arrange it well on this spread, you are allowed to do so. Be careful that it doesn’t feel too cluttered on the spread.

This “Project 1.1: Process Portfolio Spread” is intended to be a modular grid-based design spread that can either serve as a landscape orientation poster or a future page for a printed portfolio. It does not have to have a gutter in the center, but you can design a page fold gutter into it if you want.

How to Approach the Layout

To effectively see how to approach this assignment, you need to watch and follow the related demonstration. The first part is an overview that discusses some approaches: Making the Process Portfolio Spread  (ignore the first 2 minutes, as it pertained to a previous semester. This video should begin a 1:56 minute-marker to avoid confusion):

Setting Up the File

The second video shows you how you can use the downloadable base AI modular spread file here to get started, so follow along with the video tutorial. Again, this next video starts at the 2:50 minute-marker because the first few minutes pertained to a different semester and might be confusing to you. Ignore the first 2 minutes and 50 seconds:


Requirements for Print, Mounting, and Presentation

You will need to print this 17″ x 11″ file on a good quality paper either on a laser or inkjet printer. You can have this work printed at Kinkos or other similar professional printer.

The work must be fixed to a black mat board with either no border or a border less than 2″ all the way around. The fixative sould be a spray fix adhesive (no glue sticks) that will not bleed through. Furthermore, the mounting must include a name tag on the back of the work and a piece of tracing paper that folds over the front of the board in full. Use an artist tape to connect the tracing paper to the back of the board so that it cleanly folds over the front to cover the entire work.

What’s Due

1) Upload your digital file here in this discussion.

2) Present your printed work in a mounted format in class for a critique. 

How You Will Be Graded

  • Effective presentation of processes (35%)
  • Design sophistication in your layout (35%)
  • Craftsmanship in your mounted work’s presentation (30%)

Former Student Examples

To see former examples from previous students you can take a look at these:

process board 1


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