MAT-135 PROJECT 3 – Abstract Graphic Mark

Project 3 – Abstract Graphic Mark

30% of Semester Grade

Beginning Project 3 :: Abstract Graphic Mark

Full Project-3 Overview:

To help you understand where this Phase-1 of Project-3 will lead you, let’s look at the full Project-3 overview.

Please watch the full 4-part playlist below for a complete overview of all Project-3 Phases/sub-assignments. If you do not have time to watch all videos right now, you MUST at least watch the first one to understand the Phase-1 assignment.

Why an “Abstract” Mark

Some companies, non-profits, or other brands do not have tangible projects and services from which to draw literal visual translations, so it is the graphic designer’s job to help envision a good communication mark to convey the meaning of the brand, its culture, its values, and what it delivers to consumers or patrons. As a result, this assignment focuses on distilling an abstract idea into a meaningful visual mark. Additionally, students will investigate how the grouping of objects and color assignment significantly contribute to implied meaning. Technical concepts covered will be grid, vector geometry, color schemes, PMS and web color identification, and pattern-making.

Broad topics from which you can choose for investigation:

  1. Security or Protection
  2. Travel or Exploration
  3. Nature or Outdoors
  4. Sporting or Adventure
  5. Technology or Communication
  6. Performing Arts or Entertainment
  7. Finance or Commerce
  8. Children or Family

Assignment Phases for this Project:

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