MAT-135 :: PROJECT 4 – User Interface (UI) Design

Project 4 : User Interface Design 

15% of Final Semester Grade

First, the Project 4 UI Design Overview

Based off of the design collateral you developed in Project-3, you will create a brand that does the following:
1) suits your final Project-3 graphic mark and the original word associations from which it was derived 
2) allows for a compelling story, mission, and function
3) works as a basis for a website design mockup

***In creating your brand, you will also create a organization/company name that is appropriate to the mark and the list of its inspirational connotations in Project-3. There is NO expectation that you should need to change the mark. In fact, you will use Project-3 colors, the logo (patterns optional), and merchandising images in this project as well, so keeping the mark the same is important to your larger portfolio development process.

Project Scope

This project addresses the following important design concerns:

  • Typography (and web typography issues)
  • Basic User Interface (UI) design principles
    • Introduction to design systems
    • Button and graphic style consistency
    • Layout proportions and hierarchy
    • Color consistency
    • Color contrast
    • Usability
    • Modular design
  • Focus on message

Tools used:

  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Digital Art, Design, and Communication Education