PHP + MySQL – Lesson 14: DB CRUD Intro

Introduction to CRUD : Create, Read, Update, Delete

In this series of video lessons, you will learn:

  • how to create a “users” database table
  • connect to the database
  • write scripts that will create an interface to create new users, list users, update user records, and delete users

01 – Creating the Users Database Table (10:10)




02 – List Users and Read from Database (40:23)




03 – Create New User Form (26:07)




04a – Creating the Edit User page (26:39)


Please note that there is an error at ~16:30 in this demo where I discuss making a header redirect to “user_edit.php”. The redirect should, in fact, go to “users_list.php”. It is on lines 32 – 34, as follows:

} else {

header(“Location: users_list.php”);




04b – Completing “Edit User” Process (18:46)




05 – Creating the Delete User Confirmation Page (17:28)




05b – Complete the Delete User process (23:49)


This demo also covers a few cleanup issues at the end, including how to set the password field to be encrypted using the “sha1” hash.

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