PHP – Creating a Gallery Function

This tutorial will show you how you can write a customizable gallery function that scans gallery directories to create and populate four types of image  banks: random <IMG> image, random css background image, lightbox thumbnail gallery, and carousel slideshow. No database necessary….

Additionally, it covers the concepts important to reusable code (i.e. functions).

Creating a Gallery Function For Displaying Multiple Gallery Types

To follow along with this video demo series, you can download  the displayImages-function STARTER FILES that have the original source files.


  1. You will want to place the unzipped folder below in your web-serving “dev/” folder.
  2. This folder/file configuration will not make complete sense as a usable set of files until the 6:30 minute marker of the “displayImages Part 02: Batch Images” video in the series below.
(Be aware that this is a playlist of 18 videos. Total time almost ~4 hours. To jump to a specific video, click the top left triple-bar icon in the video player.)


Duplicate Lightbox JS Instance
Duplicate Lightbox JS Instance

After completing video #12 you might notice an empty container below the lightbox on the page, with a perpetually spinning icon. You haven’t done anything wrong. This problem is addressed in a later video. It is occurring because the lightbox javascript is loaded on the page more than once. Later you will learn how to check to see if it has been fired to prevent it from loading again.