sftp with cyberduck

SFTP – Cyberduck for mat.miracosta.edu

Get Connected

Although this page is a tutorial on using Cyberduck, there are several free SFTP software packages you can use:

Mac users : CyberduckFilezillaFugu
PC users: CyberduckFilezillaWinSCP

Miracosta College has a help desk webpage that shows you how to use Fugu and WinSCP here: http://www.miracosta.edu/studentservices/studenthelp/tutorials/matserver/index.html

The instructor happens to prefer Cyberduck and Filezilla. NOTE: Filezilla’s interface is not quite as friendly as Cyberduck’s.

Using Cyberduck for SFTP

In the first video of the playlist below, you will learn how to use the SFTP program, Cyberduck, to connect to your Miracosta College student web directory.

The second video continuation covers how to create the folder structure on the server for our class, how to create and rename files, how ‘index’ files work vs. other files, and how to view your uploaded work on the web.