A-1: Beginning HTML

Assignment 01

Beginning HTML (Self Profile…structure)


  • Before you start your first assignment, you MUST watch the 3-part video lesson series for getting started with the Brackets code editor. This is the (free) code editor program we will use all semester. This will help you get familiar with the Brackets interface, preferences, and tools. ~30 – 45 minutes total
  • Start by reading Chapters 5 – 7 of your textbook (pp.69-131)
  • NOTE: Please be aware that the instructor recommends NOT using Notepad (Windows) or Textedit (Mac), as the book suggests! To do this assignment, we will start with a real code editor, Brackets, to get used to it and use the benefit of color coding and code hints. This assignment is NOT the one in the book, so do not be confused. The book assignment is neither required nor graded.
  • Make a new folder on your Desktop (or another place you wish to keep your files) called “yourlastname_yourfirstname”. This will be where you place your folders for the semester. Next, create a new folder inside of that one called “assignment1”.
    • The path will be “yourlastname_yourfirstname/assignment1/”
  • Download and save the attached zipped text file, ““. Once downloaded, unzip the file (Windows: right-click and select ‘Extract All’) (Mac: double-click zip file). Open the “example.rtf” file that it unzips.
  • Next, follow the video instruction for “Start coding with HTML“.
  • Follow the tutorial exactly.
  • Upload it to the server using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), being certain to upload all files, including the image folder containing the image.
  • IMPORTANT: name the file “index.html”

Assignment Resources

Class Lecture Review

HTML + CSS Principles Lecture
3-part video lesson series for getting started with the Brackets code editor
Start coding with HTML
Demo using SFTP to log into the server.

External Resource Links


  • Upload to our class server making this the parallel directory path:

    • What does that mean? Remember, if you are working inside of a folder on your computer called “assignment1/” then you would drop the entire folder into the server’s “Lastname_Firstname/” directory.
    • Here’s the path you are REQUIRED TO USE:
  • Please test it in a browser before submitting your work through Blackboard. Go to the following address and navigate to the folder where you uploaded work.
    • If you are in the ONLINE class, go to:
    • If you are in the onsite class, go to:
  • HINT: for additional help using an SFTP program to upload your work, please watch the demo using SFTP to log into the server.

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