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Leigh Cotnoir received her MFA from San Diego State University. Leigh teaches web design and multimedia MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA. She was awarded “Most Influential Faculty Member” in the Interdisciplinary Studies Major at SDSU in 2012, and “Outstanding Faculty Member” for the School of Art + Design in 2008 at SDSU. She’s passionate about web design, art, and getting stuff done the right way.

PHP – Lesson 11: Using COOKIE and SESSION

This lesson demonstrates how the PHP  $_COOKIE and $_SESSION superglobal arrays work. On this page are three slideshow/demo videos, as follows:

  • Slideshow lesson on how we use $_COOKIE and $_SESSION to get info from users
  • Demonstration on how to build simple, basic code to illustrate $_COOKIE
  • Demonstration on how to build simple, basic code to illustrate $_SESSION

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SFTP – Cyberduck for

Get Connected

Although this page is a tutorial on using Cyberduck, there are several free SFTP software packages you can use:

Mac users : CyberduckFilezillaFugu
PC users: CyberduckFilezillaWinSCP

Miracosta College has a help desk webpage that shows you how to use Fugu and WinSCP here:

The instructor happens to prefer Cyberduck and Filezilla. NOTE: Filezilla’s interface is not quite as friendly as Cyberduck’s.

Using Cyberduck for SFTP

In the first video of the playlist below, you will learn how to use the SFTP program, Cyberduck, to connect to your Miracosta College student web directory.

The second video continuation covers how to create the folder structure on the server for our class, how to create and rename files, how ‘index’ files work vs. other files, and how to view your uploaded work on the web.

CSS – Styling Lists

What This Tutorial Covers

The following 4-part series explains how to style lists for navigation. It covers the following topis:

  • switching from block-level (vertical) to inline (horizontal) lists
  • how margins and padding behave with text and inline lists
  • centering text in in-line lists vertically and horizontally
  • making horizontal lists using floats
  • using background images in both inline and floated lists
  • clearing floated items Continue reading CSS – Styling Lists

PHOTOSHOP – Making Image Navigation For the Web

The first demo video shows you how you can make navigational buttons in Photoshop using multiple layers in a single space. The second demo shows you how to create the same output files as in the first demo, but the second video uses “slices”.

BY THE WAY . . .. Even though in the video a talk about making “javascript rollovers,” these techniques are the same for making CSS hover buttons that use absolutely no javascript. So don’t let that throw you off! Continue reading PHOTOSHOP – Making Image Navigation For the Web

Primary Colors of Light and Pigment

How We See Color

The inner surfaces of your eyes contain photoreceptors—specialized cells that are sensitive to light and relay messages to your brain. There are two types of photoreceptors: cones (which are sensitive to color) and rods (which are more sensitive to intensity). You are able to “see” an object when light from the object enters your eyes and strikes these photoreceptors. Continue reading Primary Colors of Light and Pigment